The Person I Admire the Most.

The Person I Admire The Most:
By: Amy

The person that admire the most is a young lady who has grace, pose and confidence. She is my daughter.

My favorite thing about her, is her laugh. She laughs from way deep inside her soul. When she does share her laugh with the world she still has the laugh of a sweet child. My daughter has the best sense of humor.

Another thing that is great about my daughter is that she 'hearts' her father. The three of us get along so well and how many families can say that nowadays.

I like her because she goes and gets me water with ice. She is doing that right now. She is a good girl.

Oh, and ask her a question, man is she smart. I admire her brains too.

I admire the friendship she give to all of her friends. If you are one of my daughter's friends then you are very lucky.

I love the fact that she will still go out in public with me. Enough said about that one.

I also admire the way she sings in the shower. She holds a rock-out performance everyday.

Actually come to think I admire and love everything about my daughter...go figure.

I am the biggest fan my daughter will ever have...


  1. I love you mom!

  2. i find your outlook on life, your daughter and your husband delightful.

  3. Thanks Lori,

    I might not always like the cards I have been dealt in my life but I am still at the table. As for my family I couldn't do it without them.