I Wouldn't Kick Him Out of Bed For Eating Crackers!

When I watch TV, see a movie, or when a cute crooner catches my fancy I always say, 'I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers!' It's pretty bad. It's a knee jerk reaction.

I saw a movie that featured Jude Law and the first thing out of my mouth was, 'I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers.' Jude Law really isn't even my type with the exception of his adorable face, and that accent. He gets a lot of bonus points for his accent. If I am being completely honest the whole UK starts out in a positive due to the accent thing.

Now to whom do I share this tidbit of information with? Why it is none other than my darling husband! Who always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If he doesn't want to hear anything about crackers, beds, and other men, then maybe he should go to different movie theaters, watch different TVs, or never listen to music with me. Then there will never be that awkward moment when I kick him in the gut with my knee jerk reaction.
Cute unattainable Hollywood hunk= dumb ass sayings. That is my problem.

If I suddenly tried to take what I said  back I don't think anyone would believe me.  I say this phrase almost every time I see a famous man who I think is hot-damn. Just so you know that I am not a cracker ho; I do not mentally invite random people off the street to have a cracker buffet on my mattress. I do have 'Hollywood' standards.Sorry if your not famous then please exit stage right. 

As I was saying, as the credits rolled and Jude's name flashed by, I turned to my sweet husband, and  informed him that Jude Law would be on my ever growing list of those who were allowed to cracker dine in my bed without repercussions.

To which my husband smiled and said, 'It's just nice to know you would never kick me out of bed for eating crackers either.' 

Then it hit me. The night before my husband had brought some saltines with him to bed. I thought it was an odd choice for someone with a case of the midnight munches. But who am I to judge? He ate his crackers, gave me a happy kiss and went to sleep. I went to sleep thinking of how much I loved him. Nothing out of the ordinary there.


I can only imagine what would have happened if I had told him to get his saltine butt out of my bed. Of course I never would have done that. I love him more than anything in this whole world. Even if he had went all 'Cookie Monster' on those crackers, and the crackers went flying every which way I would have never ask him to leave.

Truth be told if all of the cute guys from Tinseltown came knocking on my door wanting to spend quality cracker time with me; I would get their autographs and introduce them to my husband. 

And as for my husband: I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers.

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