An Hour Everyday Will Keep the Doctor Away!

This is not a weight loss blog. I had one of those and it was boring. I was always complaining about how much weight I needed to lose, setting goals for myself, promising to lose weight, it was a mess. It was a hot mess. (That is my new phrase: hot mess. Everything in my life is a hot mess; everything in your life too for that matter.) I love that phrase.

As it turns out part of my critical care plan, (which to me sounds so life and death) is to lose weight. That is a total bummer. I do not 'heart' losing weight, and I pretty much 'heart' everything else in life. Losing weight is so hard. Food just taste so yummy, and exercise takes time away from being so lazy, and folks I like to be lazy.

My doctor says I have to exercise an hour every day. I double checked, because he said, 'An hour everyday.' Plus I have to do yoga or meditate everyday as well. This is really going to cut into my lazy time.

The good news is I can start by walking for the first month. I don't have to go all 'Biggest Loser' style in the gym right away. I'll tell you a secret, but you have to swear you won't tell my doctor: I was suppose to start last month but I didn't. I used the excuse that I was too tired. I got up today bone tired and I thought to myself enough is enough. I have to do this even if I die in the process. So much for my critical care plan.

I have some goals for the weight loss but I won't get all up in your face about my goals. They are mine. I just have to get the job done, and then I can move on and do something else. It's not like I am 250 pounds again. My hill is very small to climb in comparison. It's doable.

But I will say this losing the rest of the weight will help my mood and my health, and that will be a good thing.

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