"I Read This in a Magazine!"

How many people out there have in-laws? Raise your hands. I do. Why do the in-laws get such a bad reputation? Most people get married, and marriage is one of those things that is continued along the generations, right? Which means that at some point most people will become an in-law to someone. Does that mean we all end up to be assholes? I don't think so. Unless there is some kind of in-law parenting school where they teach you how to become an asshole. I firmly believe that most people have nice, and dare I say wonderful in-laws. It's the medias fault for tainting societies view of the 'Mother-in-Law-From-Hell'!

Granted some people do have in-laws we would rather lock in the basement, and I feel for you guys. I however do not.

I am very lucky to have such a wonderful family watching out for me. But they do have their quirks. For instance my father-in-law has a thing against Bill Gates. (Bill, if your reading this, I am sorry. He thinks you should let people think more for themselves. Windows does all the work now. You're treating people like they're morons, man.) My mother-in-law reads magazines. The reading is not the part that can drive you crazy. It's the meal planning.

She doesn't necessarily make those recipes you find in the magazines, because that would be okay I guess. No she reads the health parts. She finds out what foods we should or should not be eating and determines our next meal that way. If we had a doll made in her likeness and gave it a pull string that doll would say:

'I read it in a magazine.'
'I saw this on Doctor Oz.'
'Let me Google that.'
'Do you want any tea?'

She means well, and as a Health-Nut-Sherlock-Holmes she hits the nail right on the head most times. All her expert detective work means we never get the Fun-Bad-For-Us-Food. She always cooks as healthy as possible. I know it is because she 'hearts' all of us. 

Before she had time to read magazines she wasn't so healthy. My husband says they ate things like fat sandwiches. Now I would rather eat broccoli than a sandwich made out of left over fat but it does give us an good idea of how far she's come. 

Now that I have CKD she has hit Google. I got this email from her the other day:

Just looked up what the renal diet consists of and there are lots of good things you like such as grapes, berries, cauliflower and apples.  However, it also lists FISH.  OOPS!  Now what?  Are we going fishing?   
xx Sussie

(I detest seafood and that is why she references fish the way she does.)

I am going there for dinner tonight. I wonder what we will be dining on? But one thing I know for sure is when I see her I will be giving her a big hug for caring so much. 

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